Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Debate Day In Nashville


OK, God must have forgiven us. As soon as prime time news hour approached, the skies cleared and I was able to join that massive Obama rally that started in Hillsboro Village, worked its way up Magnolia Ave., and ended up behind Chris Matthews' ginormous head. There were hundreds of us.

I don't know where the McCain people are--maybe some fancy fundraiser. They sure weren't at Belmont University.

Oh, and I'm the dork who left her camera at home.

God must really be mad at Nashville.

Here it is at last, our moment on the international stage. For weeks the city has been decorated with "Debate 08" banners. We've been hearing about this event for months. And finally, the eyes of the nation--indeed, the entire world--are upon us, as we prepare for tonight's second presidential debate.

Both presidential candidates are in town. Media from around the world are in town. Rallies and events have been planned by both political parties lasting throughout the day and well into the night.

And it's pouring rain.

Thunder. Lightning. Rain of Stuart Shepard proportions.

It hasn't rained here in over 31 days, but today of all days, it's pouring.

Way to go, Nashville!