Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Voted For Barack Obama Today!

Early voting opened in Nashville today! I voted for Barack Obama and it felt great to make a statement for change.

Let me add: turnout was huge on this first day. There were so many cars that it caused a traffic jam on the street in front of the polling place. It was almost like a regular election day. I could have waited until later in the early voting period but I didn’t. I wanted to get it over with. It’s that important to me.

Yes, Tennessee is a red state. I have no delusions about which way this state is going to swing. But if we are so blessed as to have an electoral vote victory for Obama (knock on wood!), then I want the popular vote to show a clear mandate for him, as well. And if we are so unfortunate as to have an electoral vote win for John McCain, then I want to eat into that popular vote “mandate” -- which, if Bush/Cheney’s reaction to the last election is any judge, stands at barely more than 3 million votes.

So those of you in safely red state states and safely blue states, be sure to cast your vote. Because it will still matter.