Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Very Cool, Nashville!

Nashville has climbed aboard the Project Homeless Connect bandwagon.

This is going to be a very, very cool event in December in which citizens, social services agencies, the business community, the faith community, Metro government and pretty much everyone you could ever think of come together for one day and one purpose: to help the city’s homeless.

The day will offer a “one-stop shopping” of services, job placement, housing assistance, medical care and everything else, with the hope being we can get more and more of our homeless citizens off the streets.

This is not a new thing--some cities have been doing this for years--but it’s new to Nashville. It’s part of a nationwide effort that has been enormously successful all around the country. I’m glad to see Nashville getting on board with this.

You will be hearing about this in the coming months, and you will be asked to help. There will be a tremendous need for volunteers, donations, and participation by the community at large.

I trust my Nashville readers, both those on the right and the left, will do the right thing. In the spirit of coming together to make our community a better place for everyone, please get involved.

And yes, I will be pestering you about this.

Follow the link for the details and mark your calendar for December 2.