Thursday, October 9, 2008

Maybe Not Such A Good Idea After All

Apparently Hugh Hewitt's literary agent didn't have any luck selling Hewitt's new manuscript idea, "How Sarah Palin Won the Election... And Saved America":
The literary agent Curtis Yates sent [it] to publishers in New York last week. When Media Mob reached Mr. Yates by phone on Monday, he'd already given up on trying to sell the book.

"The idea was to tell the story behind the effect that Sarah Palin has had on this election and how it is and why it is that she has basically turned the election around for McCain and why it is that she is resonating with so many people in the country," he said. "The intent was to finish the book by a week after the election, and to have it out before the inauguration."

Well, you've got to give Mr. Hewitt props for fast work. I've been working on a novel for five years now and I'm not much further along than when I started; Hewitt was going to knock out a think piece on Sarah Palin's brand of conservatism in, what, a month?

Then again, consider the subject matter ...