Saturday, December 8, 2007

Deck The Halls

Or in this case, deck the pets. Yes, it’s that time of year, the season our family pets dread. When elf costumes and Santa hats make their appearance for the obligatory annual photo. As you can see, Cleo (left) and Zelda are not amused.

No Christmas in the Beale household is complete without the appearance of Animal Cruelty Santa. AC Santa was a wedding gift, one of those things we got from someone who doesn’t know us very well (and clearly didn’t know we had requested donations to charity in lieu of wedding gifts anyway).

I’m sure it was a very expensive gift, and it was certainly thoughtful. But we aren’t doll people, definitely not Santa doll people, and certainly not the kind of folks who can appreciate a Santa carrying animal pelts (hence the moniker Animal Cruelty Santa).

But we bring AC Santa out to remind the cats they’d better be good, for goodness sake, or they’re going to end up in Santa’s collection of animal skins. Here, Jolene checks to see if there are any birds in the birdhouse.

Our newest addition to the family is Moses, who finds the premiere spot under the tree. Since he’s an indoor kitty he’s mighty grateful that we brought the outdoors to him. He promises to be good and not try to slip outside any longer.

And with that I wish everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, from our home to yours.