Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday Fraud

Can we just fire them all and be done with it? This shit makes me angry:
Justice's voting chief steps down amid controversy

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department's voting rights chief stepped down Friday amid allegations that he'd used the position to aid a Republican strategy to suppress African-American votes.

John Tanner became the latest of about a dozen senior department officials, including former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who've resigned in recent months in a scandal over the politicization of the Justice Department in the Bush administration.


Tanner has been enmeshed for months in congressional investigations over his stewardship of the unit that was established to protect minority-voting rights. He drew increased focus this fall after he told a Latino group: "African-Americans don't become elderly the way white people do. They die."
The Bush Administration has turned every department of the government into a GOP power-hoarding tool. We’ve seen how they care about minority voting rights in Florida, Ohio and New Mexico. So this Tanner news comes as no surprise.

In fact, news of problems at Justice’s Civil Rights division have percolated on liberal blogs for months; in November USA Today finally took notice with this piece about how Justice prosecuted the fewest number of hate crimes in 10 years. That news sparked a massive protest in November.

But back to Mr. Tanner. He’s apparently left his gig to
”...pursue (an) opportunity" to work in the Office of Special Counsel for Immigration-Related Unfair Employment Practices.

Oh, great. I can’t foresee any problems with that, nosirree.