Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Mainstream Media Sucks

Example number 1,173:
CBS Seeks Enviro-Reporter, Knowledge of Environment Not Required

In a job posting that's curious at best and a bad PR gaffe at worst, CBS News has a job posting on JournalismJobs for an eco-reporter position, but the job description states, 'Knowledge of the enviro beat is a big plus, but not a requirement.' They do, however, want you to be 'funny, irreverent and hip, oozing enthusiasm and creative energy.'


CBS, which thought “perky, celebrity, and nice legs” were necessary qualifications to anchor the CBS Evening News, apparently thinks the enviro-beat needs “funny, irreverent and hip.” Which is hilarious, since if it were me, I’d think scientific knowledge, an environmental policy background, and an ability to make what is often dry and technical information interesting and accessible would be important. Go figure.

My father, a dyed-in-the-wool newspaperman, always said a good reporter can cover any topic. This is true. What’s sad is that the corporate media doesn’t want good reporters. They want “funny, irreverent and hip.”

Edward R. Murrow need not apply.