Thursday, December 13, 2007

Two Days Ago

I took advantage of the 78 degree weather (!!!) on Tuesday to catch up on the yard work. Boy, was I surprised to find this.

Yes, the camellias are in bloom again. In mid-December.

Also in bloom in my garden: a magenta azalea (I tried to get a picture but it didn't come out), all of my rosemary, the eleagnus (Russian Olive) bushes, the glossy obelia, hydrangeas, and some reddish shrub I can't identify. This is the second time around for the eleagnus, which normally blooms in October and has the most delightful fragrance of any shrub I know.

Did I mention it's mid-December?

I know there's a difference between climate and weather, but when even the plants are messed up about what season it is, something's not right.

I also saw a mosquito. In mid-December.

I would appreciate it if we could get back to regular seasons, please. December should be cold, maybe even with snow. You should see your breath in the air, and not because you haven't brushed your teeth in a while. And I just refuse to live in a place with California weather without any of the actual benefits of living in California: namely, the ability to buy wine and alcohol in the grocery store, two Democratic senators, a Trader Joe's within driving distance, and a hockey team that can actually win a game every once in a while.

Just sayin' .