Friday, May 8, 2009

Your GOP, Keeping It Classy

Perpetual Republican presidential candidate and wackadoodle Alan Keyes was arrested at Notre Dame along with anti-choice wacko Randall Terry for protesting President Obama's pending commencement speech. And yes, props were involved:
Anti-abortion activist and frequent presidential candidate Alan Keyes was arrested for trespassing at Notre Dame Friday as part of a protest against President Obama speaking at the May 17 Commencement ceremony.

Shortly before noon, on the last day of final exams for Notre Dame students, Keyes and a few dozen others gathered at the entrance of Notre Dame to pray. The protesters were holding signs and most were pushing strollers containing baby dolls covered in fake blood. After approximately half an hour of prayer, Keyes delivered a speech, encouraging those present to "walk onto campus as missionaries for God's truth."

Just for some perspective, President George W. Bush gave the commencement address at Notre Dame in May 2001 -- before the illegal war, and the torture, but not before he came out as an advocate of the death penalty, which is also against Catholic teaching.

Funny, no one objected then.

But I digress. So, look at what the poor students of Notre Dame have been subjected to:

Another group, the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, has been sending a plane to fly over Notre Dame for hours at a time with banners featuring pictures of fetuses and sometimes unfortunate grammatical errors ("This is what your honoring," said one banner two days ago.)

Geez, I’d sure hate to be studying for finals under that kind of commotion.

Leading the charge against Obama’s commencement address is anti-gay, anti-choice activist Randall Terry of Operation Rescue fame. And here’s the funny part. If you go to Randall Terry’s website,, it’s clear these assclowns were planning to be arrested. They advertised it all over their website. For example:

Dr. Alan Keyes going to Notre Dame to be arrested:

Calls on pro-lifers nationwide to join him.

“…until the South Bend jail is filled to overflowing..."


11:30 am - Friday May 8
Protest with Arrests
Join Alan Keyes

Protest with Arrests? Is that like Burgers with Fries? Beer with Chips? What a bunch of media whores.

I wonder what Keyes & co. would have done had they not been arrested. Would they have forced the issue? Demanded to be arrested? Start destroying property or acted in some way to ensure their arrest?

It boggles the mind.

So, this is what’s left of the Republican Party. How absolutely pathetic.