Monday, May 4, 2009

If Housepets Were Libertarians

I can't remember which smart leftie blogger first posted this, or I'd give a hat-tip.

I admit I get far too much pleasure out of poking fun at Libertarians than I should. They mean well, they really do, and some of their ideas are appealing, but the most rabid of the bunch are completely devoid of any sense of humor or irony. It's as if all of history has conspired to prove the "free hand of the market" completely wrong, yet they happily march along clutching their copies of "Atlas Shrugged" as if a 50-year-old piece of fiction is somehow more real than the world around them.

Most of the Libertarians I know are just conservatives too embarassed by the GOP to call themselves Republicans these days, anyway. But I'm sure this will earn me plenty of angry comments, which is fine, since I am having my same ISP troubles and can't access them anyway.

So, flame away, dear Libertarians. And everyone else, enjoy: