Friday, May 8, 2009

The Tennessean: Wankers Of The Day

What Jesse Taylor said:
Cutting $5 billion in earmarks is vital to our nation.

Cutting three times that amount is a total joke, worthy of absolute derision and scorn.

And they wonder why we’re nervous about homeschooling.

With that in mind, I’m trying to remember the last time The Tennessean ran a banner headline like this splashed across its front page under the subhead “analysis.” The story itself was pulled from deep inside today’s Washington Post.

Really, Tennessean? The front page?

I guess The Tennessean is catering to the teabag crowd, underplaying parts of the story like this:

But Emanuel said the $17 billion package represents but one piece of a much larger deficit-reduction puzzle. He pointed to the Senate's passage yesterday, by 93 to 0, of a defense procurement reform package (the House may follow soon). That, he said, could shave $100 billion or more from federal spending. There are other pieces that he said add up to an effective strategy to rein in spending.

This is one reason why I stopped subscribing to our daily fishwrap. If I wanted to read the Washington Post, I’d read, you know, the Washington Post. Which I do.

But pulling a story like this from deep inside the Post and splashing it across the front page as if it were some kind of news item is just bullshit.