Saturday, May 23, 2009

Liberty U. Bans Campus Dems

Oh the irony of calling yourself “Liberty” University and then banning the campus Democratic club--only eight months after it had first been recognized.

In what appears to be a politically-motivated move, University president Jerry Falwell Jr. explains:
“we are unable to lend support to a club whose parent organization stands against the moral principles held by” the university.

Because the “moral principles” of the Republican Party--torture and unjust war, for example--are so much better. Apparently so, as the school’s Republican club has operated for years.

The school’s vice president of student affairs has basically stated that you can’t be a Christian and a Democrat but adds:

“We are in no way attempting to stifle free speech.”

Right. You can’t really call yourself “Liberty” when you’re denying one political viewpoint from the campus. But I guess the school thinks they just need one right wing to fly.

Speaking of which, I saw this hilarious item at the school’s Wikipedia entry:

The acceptance rate for students entering in 2008 was 94.3%[15], making Liberty one of the least selective schools in the United States.[16]

Both facts are based on U.S. News & World Report’s 2008 college and university rankings. I guess beggers can’t be choosers, and Liberty isn’t.

But back to the campus Democrats. Jerry Falwell Jr., school president, said:

“They are good, Christian kids who sit with me at ball games. I just hope they find a pro-life family organization to affiliate with so they can be endorsed by Liberty again.“

What. an. asshat.