Monday, May 11, 2009

Tennessee Republicans Are A Drag

What is it about Republicans in drag? They don't seem to think very highly of gay people and you can tell they get all nervous when Gay Pride week rolls around and yet they seem to enjoy dressing up in women's clothes. I really don't get it.

This is the Hawkins County (TN) GOP fundraiser. Their largest ever, I might add. I believe the guy in the gray suit is Zach Wamp, the man who wants to be our governor. I have no idea who these other assclowns are but I am going to enjoy making fun of them because they are very silly. I'm sure folks in Nashville will recognize a few faces. Oh, and thanks to Aunt B for calling this to my attention.

There are more photos at the link. And apparently--hint hint--you can order copies of photos if you wish. I'm remembering the photos of Rudy Giuliani dressed as Marilyn Monroe and have to think someone could have some fun with these.

(h/t, Aunt B)