Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Populist Rage

Hey, Amy Sullivan and Joe Klein! I think I found that "populist rage” you were looking for:
Among the ruins: Stair railings, built-in cabinets, shower doors, double doors to the master bedroom and other doors are gone, a fireplace was yanked out, the hardwood floors are torn up, carpeting was taken, the toilet was removed from a bathroom. There’s nasty mold. There are no appliances in the kitchen. Even the sinks and garbage disposal are missing.

“The hot water heater was also removed from the house. One entire bathroom and the kitchen was stripped from floor to ceiling, including all drawers, cabinets and even the counter tops,” Moon adds.


“Some misguided home owners, angry at the bank for foreclosing, think it’s somehow permissible to turn the home into a total nightmare,” writes California broker associate Elizabeth Weintraub on

“I’ve seen homes where every window looked like it had been whopped by a baseball bat,” she writes. “Some previous occupants deposited feces on counter tops or in the middle of the living room floor … Sometimes home owners turn on all the water faucets and plug up the drains before departing.”

Also, for “populist rage” of another stripe, you might turn your eyes to London today.

Just sayin’.

(h/t, Atrios)