Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ann Coulter Gets Punk’d

Ann Coulter fell for a Car & Driver April Fool’s prank in which a bogus online article stated that President Obama had ordered Chrysler and GM to cease their participation in NASCAR as a cost-savings measure. The article was later pulled and identified as an April Fool’s joke, but not before Coulter published her column, in which she wrote:
If Obama can tell GM and Chrysler that their participation in NASCAR is an "unnecessary expenditure," isn't having public schools force students to follow Muslim rituals, recite Islamic prayers and plan "jihads" also an "unnecessary expenditure"? Are all those school condom purchases considered "necessary expenditures"?

I dunno, why don’t we ask a parent whose teen daughter just got pregnant or contracted an STD because she didn’t know where (or was too embarrassed) to buy condoms. Heck, I was too shy to buy the things until I graduated from college.

In other April Fool’s news, ABC’s Jake Tapper Twittered yesterday that a

liberal activist just "april fools"ed me w/bogus Reuters report on John Yoo getting arrested in Italy. War crimes + torture=comedy (?)

Nice little sprinkling of moral outrage there, Jake. Imagine anyone not giving the topic of torture, terror and war crimes the solemnity it deserves.

Well, I’m glad Tapper didn’t get punk’d like Ann did. I’m actually not going to make fun of Ann for falling for that Car & Driver piece because, a) I was once a huge sucker too, and actually fell for the Bonsai Kitten hoax before I wised up; and b) radical wingnuts like Ann Coulter are usually completely devoid of humor. It’s a recessive genetic trait, like the rest of Republicanism. (Hoax alert! Hoax alert!)

Come on, did Ann really forget to look at the calendar yesterday?