Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No One Could Have Anticipated

... that the Bush Dept. of Justice would screw up the prosecution of Ted Stevens so badly, that a judge seeks criminal contempt charges against the prosecution team. I understand the judge hopes to assign a special prosecutor to look into the misconduct, as well.

I’m wondering if these prosecutors were some of the Bush DOJ’s crack Regent University grads. You think?

I must say, of all the Bush-era scandals that plagued the DOJ over the past eight years, if you had told me that a special prosecutor would be assigned to investigate the Ted Stevens case once a Democrat got in the White House, I’d have said no way.

Not the prosecution of Don Siegelman? Not Bradley Schlozman? Not Monica Goodling?


I once said the Bush Administration could screw up a ham sandwich. But really, is it possible in this case they were crazy like a fox? Stupid like Einstein? Screwing up a ham sandwich because they really wanted ham salad to begin with?