Monday, April 27, 2009

Can Solar Technology Save Print Media?

Maybe not ... but I thought this “solar-powered” magazine was pretty cool nonetheless:
Spring is here, and magazines are jostling to evoke the season. But the newsstand rags have got nothing on the latest issue of Visionaire. "Solar," a collaboration with Calvin Klein, arrives inside a sturdy paperboard slip case. All of the print and images inside the book are light grey and ghostly. But they've been printed in photo-sensitive inks: When exposed to sunlight, every page blooms into full color. The various spreads were created by art-world stars, including John Baldessari, Alex Katz, and Ugo Rondione.
How cool is that? Since it’s an effect that can’t be duplicated online, you have to purchase the print version to see it.

Maybe the application is limited, but I like to see people thinking creatively about this stuff.