Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sherry Jones Schools Glen Casada

Tennessee House Democrat Sherry Jones is my new hero. Watch her school Republican Caucus Chairman Glen Casada on why we need to feed the state's hungry children:

Casada, representing the state's wealthiest county, Williamson, proposed a bill that would end unemployment benefits for the state's families with dependent children. When a dumbfounded Jones asked Casada how he expected people to eat, he responded:
“Well, I think we all need you to do the best you can to find a job, is what I suggest.”

Yeah that would be great if there were any jobs but of course we have nearly 11% unemployment in Tennessee and the House Republicans haven't seen fit to lift a finger to do anything about it. Instead they have preoccupied themselves with allowing people to carry guns everywere (except the state capitol, of course. Ya big weenies.)

Casada's bill failed, and Tennessee Republicans once again show themselves to be utterly tone deaf on the plight of people in this state.

So let's repeat: if you think letting children go hungry and without access to health insurance is a good idea, then the Republican Party is for you.