Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dodging The Blame

Two things today have me really pissed off. First of all we have Eric Cantor’s ludicrous, outrageous claim that Democrats are “fanning the flames” of hate speech.


You know, sorta like how the wife-beater says “she asked for it.”

Cantor claims that he, too, received threats because he’s Jewish. I have no reason to doubt him, though I wish he’d release some information about these supposed threats, just so we know what we’re dealing with. Regardless, he goes on to say that:
“I've received threats since I assumed elected office, not only because of my position but also because I'm Jewish. I've never blamed anyone in this body for that, period.

Yeah, well maybe that’s because no one in Congress, certainly not Democratic leaders, ever claimed that your being Jewish represents “the death of freedom” and “Armageddon.” I mean, come off it already. Enough of this childish, schoolyard “He did it toooo!!!” nonsense. If anyone is fanning the flames it’s you guys, and you damn well know it.

The other thing that killed me is John Boehner’s rather tepid statement about the threats to members of Congress, which included the lovely little dog whistle that liberals said and did mean things at Iraq War protests. Right, just like we spit on Vietnam Veterans and other things that may or may not have happened but we don't really know since there is no documented evidence of it. Yet it has become such a part of American lore that it's assumed to be true.

I was listening to the radio when Boehner made this claim and then, swear to Goddess, 15 minutes later as if on cue Norah O’Donnell repeated the same charge that the threats Democrats have received is similar to what Republicans faced during the runup to the Iraq War.

So here we go again. Is there anyone in the media who would ask if John Boehner knows the difference between “harsh words” and cutting the fuel line to a Congressman’s brother’s house?

Can anyone tell me which Republican members of Congress were targeted with physical harm by liberals during the Iraq War protests? Home addresses published on the internet? Bricks thrown through district office windows? Which liberal blogger told their readers to break windows at Republican Party offices nationwide?


I’m not saying it didn’t happen, I honestly don’t know. I don’t recall hearing it happening, and if it did, surely it would have happened to Democrats too -- after all, the Republicans are constantly reminding us that Democrats voted for the war too!

So: which members of Congress did we dirty fucking anti-war hippies who spit on war veterans target with acts of violence? Please name me one.

To our snooze media, I would ask you to please find that skepticism bone, the one that's supposed to be attached to your press pass. Just because John Boehner said it doesn't make it true.

And then please also learn the difference between mean words and actions.