Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meet Big Coal's Candidate

Did Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey ask former Republican state Senator Raymond Finney to drop his bill banning mountain-top removal mining at the behest of a big contributor?
A NewsChannel 5 investigation revealed the powerful leader of the state senate, Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey, who is also running for governor, gets far more from coal interests than anyone else. One former senator claims Lt. Governor Ramsey asked him to drop a bill that would have banned most types of mountain top mining.


Since 2009, people with an interest in coal contributed more than $300,000 to people running for office in Tennessee. We found that more than $195,000 went to the powerful leader of the state senate, Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey or his political action committee.

The NewsChannel5 report points out that coal is a small industry in Tennessee, employing fewer than 400 people. Yet when asked if he’s the “pro-coal candidate,” Ramsey responded:

"No, I'm the pro-business candidate. No, I'm pro-jobs candidate. That's exactly what I am," Ramsey responded.

Yeah well you’re also an idiot if you think anyone buys that line of BS. How many jobs do tourism and outdoor recreation provide? How about the jewel of Tennessee, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park? How many jobs do our beautiful mountains brings us, clean water for sport fishing and deer hunting in our mountains? More than 400? I think so--squared. And squared again.

You know what I find interesting? The fact that just one new solar energy project -- ONE -- will employ more people in its new Knoxville plant than the entire coal industry in the entire state of Tennessee.

Cripes. What a maroon. You’re not pro-jobs. You’re pro Ron Ramsey’s campaign account. And you’re certainly not pro-Tennessee, pro-clean air, pro mountains.

What a fraud.