Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Party Of No, Tennessee Edition

Tennessee’s state legislature, led by Republicans and Conservadems like Doug Jackson, think the healthcare bill is unconstitutional. And they’re looking into launching a challenge. Grab the popcorn.

Hey Ron Ramsey: name me one medical decision you will be unable to control under the new law. Just one.

Can’t do it, can you?

I just have one question for you folks in the state legislature. What’s your solution for the 1.7 million Tennesseans who lack health insurance? Here’s a hint: making sure they can carry a gun into a restaurant or have a constitutional right to hunt and fish ain’t it.

You folks are wasting everyone’s time with your jingoistic legislative agenda. Hunting! Fishing! Guns! God! America! I think my favorite is the constitutional amendment that would forever ban a state income tax, so we can all enjoy paying 10% sales tax on everything while our schools run out of money. Brilliant.

In case it’s escaped your notice we have 10.7% unemployment in this state. We’re tied for 37th place in the nation in terms of unemployment. Unemployed people don’t have health insurance, folks. Hey, Rep. Mike Bell, sponsor of the “Health Care Freedom Act”: McMinn County--your district!--had 13.3% unemployment in January. What are you doing to help those people?


Any ideas at all? Bueller?


Hey, Ron Ramsey: Tennessee ranks 44th in a nationwide survey of healthiest states. What’s your grand idea to help millions of unhealthy people access healthcare?


Hey, Tennessee state legislature: we’re number two in the nation for bankruptcies. You know what a major cause of bankruptcy is? Medical debt. 62% of personal bankruptcies are due to medical debt.

What are you yahoos at Legislative Plaza doing about this? Anything? Any ideas at all? Any of your gun-loving, gay-bashing and hippie punching going to help folks in this state meet these challenges? Just what exactly do you think you folks were elected to do, anyway? Here's a hint: spending a work day at the shooting range ain't it.

Y'all are wasting our time. I have no use for any of you.