Monday, March 29, 2010

ACK I Hardly Knew Ye

Actually, I never even met Adam Kleinheider but, damn, this really sucks.

ACK and I were on opposite sides of the political spectrum on most issues, but I think he did one helluva job over at Post Politics. Sure, there were the occasional posts that got my goat, but they were rare. The thing I appreciated the most about ACK’s work at Post Politics, aside from all the great links, is that most of the time he was fair.

I read Post Politics all through the day. It was--is--was--my “one stop shop” for Tennessee political news. Losing a job in this economy and in this discipline sucks big time. So ACK, I hope you land on your feet.

And my heart also goes out to the other SouthComm employees, faceless and nameless to the local blogosphere at this point, who also got sacked. I don’t know who you are but I feel your pain.