Thursday, June 26, 2008

McCain’s Secret Meetings: Shhhh!!!

What’s with all the secret meetings John McCain is holding these days? I guess that’s all part of running for president. But his secret calendar is filled with representatives of groups that are polar opposites of one another; often even mortal enemies.

For instance, there’s McCain’s secret meeting with the Log Cabin Republicans:
GayPatriot has exclusively learned that presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Senator John McCain held a personal meeting with the head of the national gay Republicans organization, the Log Cabin Republicans.   Log Cabin President Patrick Sammon confirmed his meeting with Senator McCain earlier today.


Based on published news reports, the meeting with Senator McCain would be the first between any national-level gay Republicans and a Republican Presidental nominee since “The Texas 12″ met with then-Governor George W. Bush in 2000.  Since his first election to the White House, President Bush has never met with anyone representing Log Cabin Republicans or any other American gay organizations.

That’s nice. I wonder if the Log Cabin Republicans are tired of being kicked in the teeth by the RNC yet? I hope they aren’t expecting John McCain to be any more welcoming than George W. Bush was. Remember: the GOP tent still contains a large number of anti-gay wackadoodles, and McCain needs to lick their boots, too.

In fact, McCain has held a secret meeting with Rev. Frank Pavone, of Priests for Life the wackadoodle who called Micahel Schiavo a murderer and supports "bishops who make pro-choice politicians’ communion into a political football.”

And then there’s McCain’s secret meeting with Hispanics in which he supposedly promised a “pathway to citizenship” for immigrants:

John McCain assured Hispanic leaders he would push through Congress legislation to overhaul federal immigration laws if elected, several people who attended a private meeting with the candidate said Thursday.

Democrats questioned why the Arizona senator held the meeting late Wednesday night in Chicago. But supporters who were in the room denied that McCain held the closed-door session out of fear of offending conservatives, many of whom want him to take a harder line on immigration.

My, how mavericky! I wonder what McCain is--or isn’t--promising to the Log Cabin Republicans and Rev. Pavone?

There’s more:

On Sunday, Sen. John McCain took a meeting with an hold hand -- his 2000 strategist, Mike Murphy.


Sources with close, but indirect knowledge of the meeting say that campaign manager Rick Davis, who does not get along with Mr. Murphy, was not aware of the meeting in advance. That's one reason why the meeting took place in McCain's Arlington townhouse.

He's even holding meetings in secret from his own campaign manager? That's mavericky!

So many secret meetings! I am getting confused. Is he a maverick or some kind of undercover operator? How can we trust a candidate who will meet with these different interest groups, but only in secret? Why doesn’t he want us to know he’s talking with them?

It’s all very strange. And mavericky! But very strange. Seems like someone is getting played here. Noted one Republican who was at the secret Hispanic meeting:

"He's one John McCain in front of white Republicans. And he's a different John McCain in front of Hispanics," complained Rosanna Pulido, a Hispanic and conservative Republican who attended the meeting.

Hey, media: when does mavericky become hypocrisy?

Just wondering.