Sunday, June 8, 2008

Don’t Tell Michelle Malkin...

... but these things are all over Scandinavia. Here's a bunch at a tourist stand that also sold Swedish flags, baseball caps, and those fake Viking helmets with yellow braids attached.

Oh, the horror!

And here's one worn by an actual Scandinavian! At the airport! How did she ever make it through security?

I wonder if these people are ever embarrassed by the crap they start up? I'm increasingly convinced they do it just to prove they can.

Newsweek got it right:
Let's face it, the real danger here is not the girly scarf charged with being a kaffiyeh, or that jihadists are purportedly using Dunkin' Donuts as a backdoor into America's malleable consciousness. It's that the cries of a few commentators indulging in the worst form of racial stereotyping—and their demonization of an entire culture—was enough to spook a giant corporation.

Of course, Dunkin' Donuts has been kowtowing to the wingnut fringe ever since the nuts got in a tizzy over "anti-God quotes" on a Starbucks cup.

Stop the silliness. Please.