Friday, June 20, 2008

Major League Bummer Department

My favorite Nashville restaurant has closed:
To all the family and friends of the Green Hills Grille,

It is a with a heavy heart that we must inform you that after 18 years of service we will be closing as of today. Over the past two decades, we have loved participating and serving this area. You have all been like family to us. Thank you all so much for the memories.

Sincerely, the Green Hills Grille Family

Apparently they are a victim of the poor economy. The Scene reports that Specialty Restaurant Development has filed for bankruptcy and closed both the Nashville and Knoxville restaurants.

I practically lived at that place over the past 10 years. We weren't wild about the new location at the Green Hills Mall because, frankly, mall parking sucks and I hate eating at the mall. We were fond of the old location adjacent to Noshville and Bread & Co. But we were still regulars.

Guess we've had our last plate of strawberry shortcake.