Monday, June 23, 2008

Chickenhawk Squawk

Is this chutzpa or what? William Kristol has the nerve to criticize’s “Alex” ad with this jaw-dropping assertion:
The MoveOn ad is unapologetic in its selfishness, and barely disguised in its disdain for those who have chosen to serve — and its contempt for those parents who might be proud of sons and daughters who are serving. The ad boldly embraces a vision of a selfish and infantilized America, suggesting that military service and sacrifice are unnecessary and deplorable relics of the past.

"And the sole responsibility of others."

Calling Operation Yellow Elephant! Let's get that list of Republican chickenhawks who thought military service was "the sole responsibility of others."

Why is that William Kristol’s name I see? Yes it is.

Hey, Mr. Kristol: here's a steaming cup of STFU with your name on it.

(More on Kristol’s intellectual bankruptcy here.)