Monday, June 16, 2008

Hey, Cristi Adkins! Vol. 2

[UPDTE]: And Sean Braisted has this hilarious tidbit on Clinton for McCainer Paula Abeles. Comedy gold, I tell ya!


You’re STILL a moron! Someone posting as Cristi Adkins, in comments:
Why do Obama cult members think that if we don't vote for their messiah we're 'GOP' spies? I think you give the GOP a little too much credit.

Step out of the box, be a little more creative and try to stop attacking Clinton supporters. 

Follow us over to

Uh... maybe we think you’re GOP spies because you’re telling us to vote for the Republican? Ya think?

Look, I was a John Edwards supporter. After he dropped out, I said I was fine with either Sen. Clinton or Sen. Obama. But now we’ve got these idiots like Cristi Adkins telling us that if they can’t have Hillary Clinton, the Republican is the next-best candidate. Which, to a hard-core Democrat like myself, makes me really, really, really, really glad that Sen. Clinton isn’t the nominee! If she’s, you know, just like the Republican, well I think I’ll vote for the real Democrat! Thank you!

But, alas, there is more to the story:

The Republican National Committee appears ready to roll out the red carpet for Hillary Clinton supporters, over a newly-registered internet domain

Though the web address does not yet go anywhere, the RNC registered the domain name on May 15, according to whois data from the registrar Network Solutions. That was nine days after Clinton's disappointing showing in the North Carolina primary, which prompted NBC's Tim Russert to declare the race effectively over for Clinton.

An e-mail to two RNC officials about their plans went unanswered Thursday.

The Republicans appear to be capitalizing on the bitter disappointment, anger and disillusionment that Clinton supporters are feeling right now. Much of it is on display on the web in the comments section on both Clinton's website, as well as that of presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain.

Oh, noes!!! Cristi Adkins, you’re so busted!

(h/t to blatham in comments)