Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Saying No To Colin Powell

What the hell is Hillary Clinton thinking?
“I won’t even wait until I’m inaugurated, but as soon as I’m elected I’m going to be asking distinguished Americans of both parties — people like Colin Powell, for example, and others — who can represent our country well, including someone I know very well,” Mrs. Clinton said, according to a Fox News Web report. “Because I want to send a message heard across the world. The era of cowboy diplomacy is over.”

In Monday’s post I said these clowns should never be trusted with our foreign policy again. And that goes most especially for the guy who gave us this famous moment:

I’m sorry that Powell now wants a do-over, but I’m going to quote the famous Digby on this issue:

Powell himself should never be allowed anywhere near government again.

That goes for every one of the the Iraq War pushers, who by all rights should have been laughed off the world stage years ago. It’s only our celebrity-infatuated media that continues to give these people any credibility. They sure don’t have any anywhere else.

Again, from Digby:

No member of the Bush administration should ever be set out to represent this country abroad again. And aside from Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney, I can't think of anyone less credible than Colin Powell.

I agree 100%.