Friday, November 2, 2007

Let’s Go, Predators

Moses sinks his teeth into our local hockey news. In particular, he wants to know what’s up with our goalie, Chris Mason.

Come on, Mase. You’re a phenomenally talented goalie. I’ve seen you pull off some saves that just weren’t humanly possible. You came in and saved our bacon at playoff time when Tomas Vokoun was sidelined by a blood disorder. You’ve got the stuff. You’ve always been able to perform under pressure. So this seven-game losing streak just isn’t you. I’m just not buying it.

It’s all in your head, Mase. It’s not real. So let’s focus on the things that are real. Your save percentage. Your talent. Cripes, you’re credited with scoring a goal for us in 2006 -- how many NHL goalies have done that? Nine, to be exact, ever.

This setback is temporary. Get your head clear. Come back to us.

That is all.