Friday, November 16, 2007

Stop Hurting America

To The Media:

Please stop hurting America with insulting fake “debates” (beautifully encapsulated by Digby) and even more insulting “balanced” right/left columns. Hiring insider/architect/Bush Brain Karl Rove as “balance” for ousider/blogger Markos is obvious pandering to the WATBs who complained about the Markos hire to begin with. Just come out and be honest about it.

Frankly, I’d be happy if the news media got out of the opinion business all together. Whatever happened to sticking to the facts? Americans are perfectly capable of coming up with our own opinions, we don’t need Time or Newsweek or anyone else force-feeding them to us.

As for these fake “debates,” try giving the candidates time to formulate an answer, already. The issues facing this country are complicated, the world is not black or white.

And finally, quit focusing on trivialities. That’s what blogs are for. If I hear one more spittle-flecked Chris Matthews panel cover the election like it’s color commentary for an NBA game, I’m officially turning my TV off for good. Enough with the he said/she said nonsense, the stories on John Edwards’ hair or Hillary Clinton’s cleavage or Rudy Giuliani’s cell phone calls from the wife.

Our country is in dire straights. This will be the most important election of my lifetime. This shit matters. Quit acting like it doesn’t.

And oh yeah, do your fucking jobs.