Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The thing that strikes me most about this whole James O’Keefe deal is that, when you read the 13-page “Punking CNN” plan, you realize these folks live in some alternate reality in which they are resistance fighters in a war against the forces of evil. This is an “operation” which they’ve devoted a lot of time and energy to thinking out in great detail. This is very serious shit to these folks, and to those of us scratching our heads wondering WTF, I again go back to Julian Sanchez’s column from last December.

It really does all come back to losing the culture wars, to the fact that the right’s political ascendance has not been matched by cultural relevance. Somewhere, someone in Hollywood is making fun of them, always. A “Saturday Night Live” skit is being written that shames them. It’s why Stephen Colbert speaking before Congress really got to some of them, and it explains the persecution complex rampant throughout the “Punking CNN” plan: only a fantastic, evil liberal conspiracy can explain why they’re still oppressed -- despite, you know, not being oppressed.

It reminds me of 2004 and 2005, when Protest Warrior was trying to be a big deal. I’d go to their website and read about their planned “counterstrike” against “America’s fifth column” and think, “whaaa...??” Join the dang military, already.

But of course, they live in an alternate universe where they can be heroes in their own movie taking on the wicked establishment that holds them down. That’s fine if you’re in junior high but for anyone over the age of, say, 14, you have to really wonder if there isn’t some kind of sociopathy going on.

I mean, it's kinda sad, really.


John Cole observes:
And stop calling this a prank. What they wanted to do to this woman was much darker than a prank. If someone took one of my sisters onto a boat under false pretenses, filmed them without their knowledge, and deliberately sexually harassed them with the intent to intimidate or have sex with them or both, I’d probably be in jail right now.

Good point. And let me just reiterate, this should surprise no one, not the media, not people on either side of the (sane) political spectrum.

These are very serious, dark times to these Wingnut Warriors. They truly believe they are the last stand protecting America from the evil liberal usurpers. Born out of your modern conservative inferiority complex, itself a product of cultural irrelevance, we are looking at a generation of 20-something narcissistic Wingnut Warriors who have taken it upon themselves to write the script and cast the movie with themselves as our fair heroes. Anything goes when you’re the savior and the future of the nation rests on your shoulders.

I mean, it’s delusional, but what do you expect when you live in a world where truth is fungible and facts are what you think them to be?