Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nobody Could Have .... Awww, Screw It

Tennessee anti-mosque activist Laurie Cardoza-Moore, who got pwned by The Daily Show last week, now claims she’s getting death threats:
Laurie Cardoza-Moore, an outspoken opponent of the mosque, said she has also received a death threat by phone. The threat said, "We are coming after you. You cannot stop us."

“It was a shock, of course, but not a surprise," said Cardoza-Moore. "It was an Arab-speaking individual. He addressed my name. He said Allahu Akbar, and it was very clear to me who he was."

Yes, I’m sure it was very clear who he was. Probably someone pissed off that you portray all Muslims as terrorists. Moore told the local Fox affiliate:

"I was upset justifiably so. If this is the religion of peace why am I getting death threats," said Moore.

Excellent question! And if we have freedom of religion in this country why are you opposing the expansion of the Murfreesboro mosque, which has existed peacefully in Rutherford County for 30 years?

Listen, lady. You poke a stick at a hornets’ nest, you get people all riled up at each other, you accuse your neighbors of being terrorists and having links to Hamas, you make a fool of yourself on national television spouting your ignorant claptrap, and then you want sympathy because someone left you a mean telephone message? Take it somewhere else.


[UPDATE]: Via Pith, Laurie Cardoza-Moore rails against the Islamic faith at a speech in New York City. And she wonders why she gets mean voicemail messages? This lady is batshit in insane.