Friday, September 24, 2010

Gov. Christie Is No Hero

What’s that hammering I hear? Why it’s the frame being assembled attempting to portray New Jersey’s Republican Governor Chris Christie as some kind of hero after this little contretemps.

Christie was in California campaigning for Meg Whitman when Ed Buck, a former candidate for West Hollywood city council whom Time Magazine described as a “conservative Republican,” called Whitman “Shwarzenegger in a dress.” Apparently he was angry that Whitman refused to answer his questions but instead of letting the candidate herself deal with her naysayer, Christie accused him of dividing the country.

Realllllleeee. Well isn’t that rich. This from the party of Joe “YOU LIE!” Wilson? The party of the GOP-backed town brawl meetings of Summer 2009?

Well, who said chivalry ain’t dead? Would have been nice to see the candidate herself deal with this guy but whatEVER. Here’s the video:

No, Gov. Christie. People who raise their voices and yell and scream are the folks who get shit done. So sorry that it makes you feel uncomfortable but learn to deal with it, dude. This isn't one of George W. Bush's stage-managed "Town Hall" meetings, full of hand-picked friendlies who ask questions like “can I pray for you?” Voters are pissed off and angry and if Meg Whitman can’t handle that then she doesn’t deserve to be governor.

Honestly, I'm tired of Republicans stirring shit up and then as soon as things get a little uncomfortable for them they demand a return to civility.