Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Very Unprofessional


What Olbermann said.



Rep. Keith Ellison (Minn.) calls for Robert Gibbs to resign.

Dems are in disarray, as usual. News flash: This is how we roll. I don't know why the White House thought liberals would be more like the rubberstamp Republibots who defended the Bush/Cheney torture & war show.

Maybe they thought we'd be like those idiots who were silent when the Patriot Act was signed and warrantless wiretap deals were signed, and then when a Democrat enters the White House they suddenly rediscover civil liberties. You know, those folks with the "silent no more" signs and their tricorn hats with the tea bags dangling off the corners? Hey it's not our fault you guys were silent during the Bush/Cheney years when your jobs were shipped overseas and your civil liberties were taken away. "Silent no more," maybe, but you're still hypocrites.

C'mon. That's not who we are. When we liberals smell bullshit we speak out, no matter which party it's coming from. It's kinda what I love about us. We have integrity. You don't like it? Try not selling us bullshit and telling us it's filet mignon. Sure I'd have loved some Canadian-style healthcare, but I understand why we wouldn't get it. Thing is, you never even tried. And no, thank you very fucking much, but I won't be happy with a healthcare "reform" that demands I buy insurance from a private, for-profit industry which has not shown itself interested in my health at all, but rather my wallet. Without any kind of non-profit, public option, what you have given us is a bailout of the insurance industry--the one industry which least needs it.

You don't like me pointing this out? Fuck you.

Quit telling me to clap louder. Instead, try listening to us for a change. You might learn something.



I'd say the Democratic National Committee picked the wrong day to call and ask me for $1,000.

I'd also say this was a completely bone-headed move in an election cycle marked by a pronounced enthusiasm gap.

Dear Democrats: I have just one question for you guys. Are you trying to fuck up the next election? Because you're sure acting like it.