Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Crickets For Pakistan

I’m a little shocked and surprised that despite the growing humanitarian crisis in Pakistan, the disaster there hasn’t dominated our news cycle in the same way crises in other nations have. Where are the telethons and Twibbons and nightly stories of daring rescues and calls for massive aid to the flood-ravaged country? I wonder how many Americans even know there is a flood disaster occurring in Pakistan right now?

Things in Pakistan are dire, to say the least:
It's a race against time to get food, clean water and medicine to these desperate victims. An estimated 20-million Pakistanis have been affected by flooding -- equal to the entire population of Australia. One fifth of the country is under water.

The U.S. has provided emergency aid but I’ve been surprised that there hasn’t been more awareness among the general public. Pakistan is supposed to be our big ally over there; hearts and minds, people. Hearts and minds.