Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Best Worst Campaign Spokesman Ever

Okay I confess I haven’t paid too close attention to the Tennessee congressional races. It’s not like I’m voting in the Republican primary, and near as I can tell from the TV ads, they’re all jumping over themselves to prove they’re the real conservative and everyone else in the field is a fucking hippie poseur.

But George Flinn’s TV ads just crack me up. He’s running for John Tanner’s seat in Tennessee’s 8th Congressional district. His use of wingnut dog whistles are hilarious, like how he throws around the names “Obama” and “Pelosi” -- no need for titles like “President” or “Speaker Of The House,” thank you; such niceties are reserved for real honest patriots not socialist anti-American trash -- and I love how we’re reminded over and over again how he created jobs jobs jobs, even though no one explains how many jobs a radiologist who also owns a bunch of radio and TV stations (most of them out of state) can create.

But the absolute best part of George Flinn’s ads has to be recurring “Southern folksy” guy Otis Griffin. Yes, his name is Otis and you can see him in this Flinn ad which has been playing non-stop in Nashville. The money quote comes at the very end:

I’d like to know what time portal George Flinn’s campaign pulled Otis Griffin from, perhaps one leading straight to the set of the 1960s era Andy Griffith Show. I just want to give Otis Griffin a hug when he says of Flinn:
”Just give him a chance! That’s all the man wants, just give him a chance!”

Hmm ... maybe not the most winning campaign slogan, but perhaps that's just me. Griffin also has a starring role in this ad, which is maybe even more hilarious than the first one.

I did a web search and learned Griffin has penned a few homespun columns for the Covington Leader; I can't read them, unfortunately, because I'm not a subscriber, but the teasers give you an idea.

I’ve asked a few West Tennessee folks if they know who Otis Griffin is and they don’t, which is a shame, because someone with this down home Southern charm needs to ditch the dweeby George Flinn and run for office himself, or at the very least be a spokesman for Cracker Barrel. He’s certainly more articulate than Basil Marceaux.