Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You Gotta Be Kidding Me

Students at the University of Tennessee rioted last night because football coach Lane Kiffin announced he’s leaving for USC. You know, Kiffin may be an asshole, but is that really riot-worthy?

Time was kids rioted because of civil rights, the Vietnam War, shutting down political speech on college campuses. I’ve spent two days watching documentaries like this one about Berkeley student activism. I’ve been amazed and impressed at how well organized the Berkeley students were, how committed to their cause, how mobilized. Those students were able to get the hospitality industry to halt its discriminatory hiring practices, tried to shut down the Oakland induction center, got the UC Board of Regents to change its policy banning political speech on campus. Those students became today's leaders.

And what do today’s youth riot about? The wars in Iraq of Afghanistan? Torture? Environmental destruction in their backyards by coal companies?

Nope. It’s over the football coach. People, we are so screwed.

Watch it here: