Sunday, January 10, 2010

Obama: The Musical

Well this is bound to set the right wingers off:
Barack Obama Musical to Kick off in Frankfurt

By Jess Smee

Barack Obama and his dramatic ascent to power has inspired a raft of books and articles. Now a German musical is set to pay an all-singing, all-dancing tribute to the world's most powerful man. Hope! will soon premiere in Frankfurt.

Wearing a knitted cardigan and crooning into his microphone, Barack Obama paces around the stage, wooing Michelle with a love song. In another number, now clad in a suit, Jimmie Wilson who plays Obama, struts up and down, clasping his mike and leading a euphoric gospel chorus of "Yes We Can."

These two scenes are part of an unusual new musical called "Hope!" which is to premiere in Frankfurt on Jan. 17. The production, the biggest of its kind, is an all-singing and all-dancing take on the US president's victorious campaign in 2008.

OMG. Wonder if it will come to TPAC? I’m thinking .... not. But this is my favorite part:

Sarah Palin also has her own solo, surrounded by a troop of scantily clad dancers.

Aboslutely hilarious!!! The story goes on to say that most of the musical is in English, with the script taken from political speeches and public statements.

Man, if you thought the hysteria over President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize was bad, imagine what they’re going to say when they hear about this! Can't wait for the tour, though!

(h/t, Marcellina)