Thursday, January 7, 2010

Did Sarah Palin Back Out Of Nashville Booking?

No, not the National Tea Party convention--at least, not yet. At least, not while she’s allegedly getting $100K to speak at that event.

I’m talking about the National Religious Broadcasters Convention, where Palin was supposedly set to appear with Pat Boone at a Feb. 28 dinner. It was announced waaay back in October. Even Glenn Beck’s 912 project had the booking on its national calendar.

The dinner was sponsored by a pro-Israel group called “Proclaiming Justice To The Nations,” which appears to be one of those scary Fundiegelical organizations which manufactures anti-Muslim fear porn such as their latest film, “The Forgotten People.” The organization’s work has been criticized by local Jewish religious leaders as “an abuse of the memory of the Holocaust, and a manipulation of Holocaust survivors." (As an aside, PJTN’s president and founder, Laurie Cardoza Moore, is a Nashvillian and former lobbyist for Tennessee Right To Life.)

So perhaps Sarah Palin was smart to back away from this PR disaster-in-waiting. From keynote speaker a few months ago, she was downgraded to a "special invited guest” in early January. Now, however, the PJTN website advertises Michelle Bachmann as its keynote speaker on Feb. 28. The NRB Convention schedule makes no mention of Palin, either.

Of course, Palin could still show up as a surprise guest. She and Bachmann appear to be thick as thieves these days, with Bachmann also booked for the Tea Party confab.

Bachmann/Palin 2012, anyone?