Friday, January 29, 2010

Inquiring Minds

We DFH’s are jealous of the Brits for a lot of things: their socialized medicine, their costume dramas like "Young Voctoria," their Iraq Inquiry.

Yes, Great Britian is investigating how it got lured into a war of choice in Iraq, examining such things as non-existent WMD’s, rumored 2002 deals with President Bush, and who knew what, when.

Apparently American sensibilities are far too delicate for such an inquiry; neither the Bush nor Obama administrations are interested in looking under that rock. Nothing to see here, just move along.

I think the need for an official inquiry into the justification for our war of choice were well expressed by Reg Keys, father of a British soldier killed in Iraq:
Reg Keys said the point of the entire process is to ensure that both the country, and its politicians learn a lesson.

"A British prime minister must never again be allowed to take us to war based on falsehoods and deceit in such a shambolic and catastrophic way," said Keys.

American politicians aren't interested in learning any lessons, though. I suspect a lot of the information such an inquiry would generate here would be severely damaging to both parties, so they'd just as soon we anti-war folks put such silly thoughts out of our pretty little heads. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have never been publicly held to account for their war. It’s starting to look like they never will.

But I don't understand why the media hasn't jumped on board the calls for such an inquiry. Think of it, guys: all of the weeks of drama this would generate, a month's worth of Meet The Press panels featuring America's favorite torture mom, Liz Cheney--possibly even a chance for Judith Miller to reclaim a few rays of limelight. It would be the ultimate prime time drama.

Unless they think it would be too inconvenient for their own credibility.

But I still think the country needs a reckoning over Iraq. I don't get why that's yet another thing our cousins across the Atlantic get that Americans can only dream about.