Friday, November 7, 2008

New Swift Boat, Same As The Old Swift Boat

I don't know how I got on a conservative e-mail list, but it has become a source of endless amusement to me. Take this e-mail I just got from Michael Reagan (bold face and underlined type is not my emphasis -- it's his):
From the Desk of Michael Reagan

Dear Conservative Friend,

It's official: America has its first truly Socialist president... and it's the Republican Party's fault.

No, scratch that -- it's the so-called "leaders" of the GOP who are at fault for this humiliating defeat -- and I say it's time to name names and make heads roll in our party. Because, my fellow conservatives, we have been BETRAYED by the very people who promised that, if we would just elect them, they would get into office and vote OUR conservative values.


Reagan goes on in this vein, and then invites me to visit his new website,, which, he explains,

is no wimpy little website with some news articles and a bunch of editorial writers griping about how bad things are. The time for "just talking" is OVER -- now is the time for ACTION!

Every day, we'll give the members of this site -- our own "Reagan Activists" -- the information they need in order to take real grassroots action to counter the greatest political threat we've ever faced within our own government. It won't take a lot of time -- usually only a few minutes a day -- but the political payout will be HUGE!

Oh, sorta like Got it.

And what will they do at this website? "Stop liberal bills ... Fight liberal executive orders ... Expose liberal corruption ... Counter the liberal media ..."

So much for naming names and making heads roll at the GOP. He just wants to attack liberals with more of the partisanship and divisive politics that have brought gridlock to Washington for the past 10 years. I sorta think that's what got these folks kicked out to begin with. Good move.

And then we get to the fine print. According to this e-mail, is part of a 527 called the Policy Issues Institute based out of Laguna Niguel, California. The brain behind the Policy Issues Institute is Floyd Brown, the guy famous for the Willie Horton ad, bringing Gennifer Flowers to national attention, and the same numnutz who thought hammering Barack Obama with William Ayers was a winning strategy for electoral victory.

In other words, he's one of the guys who is "at fault for this humiliating defeat." Michael, dude, you're gonna listen to Floyd Brown? Didn't he say if you just listened to him, he would get your candidate into office? How'd that work out for you, Mike? Isn't this the very person who "BETRAYED our conservative values"?

If you need me to name some names so some heads could roll, I say start with Floyd Brown. And you can move on to Jerome Corsi and Andy Martin when you've finished.

You know, Floyd Brown, when I wrote my "Can You Hear Us Now" post, I was talking to you.

I'm really hoping the sleaze and slime tactics have lost their effectiveness. We all know how to use the internet and connect the dots. I've got my eye on you, Floyd Brown. You can hide behind Michael Reagan's skirts, but that doesn't mean I can't see your handiwork in action. And don't think I won't call you on your shit, either.

You're not going to get away with it. Not anymore.