Saturday, November 8, 2008

Joe The Fraud

Remember (not)Joe the (not)Plumber, who railed against Barack Obama’s “Socialist” policies that “spread the wealth around,” and even questioned Obama’s loyalty to his country? Heh heh. Funny story. Turns out (not)Joe, aka Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, has twice received welfare benefits.

I’d actually give him a pass on this because he was a child at the time, except instead of saying how he learned that being on the government dole is evil because it made his parents lazy and unwilling to pick themselves up by their own bootstraps, he actually defended it, noting that he’s since paid back into the system. Joe’s family “used” the system, not “abused” it, he said.

So in other words, social assistance actually pays for itself, because it provides a bridge to the middle class for struggling families who are able to get back on their feet and become productive, tax paying members of society.

This “socialism” argument is so great! It’s okay for me but not for thee!

Except, of course, there’s (not)Joe’s whole tax lien issue. I guess he feels he’s paid back whatever debt he incurred.

I’d say (not)Joe’s 15 minutes expired long ago, except Wurzelbacher isn’t ready to go quietly. He’s ditched the idea of running for Congress in favor of a new gig as a ”government watchdog.”

This should be fun.