Friday, November 21, 2008

Jungle Blogging IV

Yesterday was a travel day, so I was unable to get online. We flew from Quepos to San Jose in a plane not much bigger than a Costa Rican cricket. The airport in Quepos is a small shack with a concrete floor and tin roof. Despite the banana republic vibe, we got to our destination safely and in about 20 minutes; it had taken us four hours to make the same drive five days ago.

Before we left we hit the jungle one last time. Here's some of the wildlife we saw. The coatimundi in the third picture were actually seen on the road to Arenal volcano. I'm not sure why they suddenly gathered in the middle of the road, as that couple were not feeding them.

And finally, my favorite picture--click on it for the full effect--is a set of Truck Nutz seen on the main highway out of San Jose. Truck Nutz!!! My husband didn't believe such things were real.