Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Liberal Media vs Conservative Media

Now that the Sarah Palin Redemption Tour is underway, I feel the need to remind folks of a few facts.

The “Sarah Palin doesn’t know Africa is a continent” story was broken by Fox News.

The so-called “source” of the story, Martin Eisenstadt, was revealed to be a hoax by liberal blogs Shakespeare’s Sister (back in June) , Mother Jones (back in July), and the Huffington Post (in November, when the Africa story surfaced).

Suck on that, Kelsey Grammer.

(For the record, I called bullshit on this story from the get-go.)

Nor do I believe that Carl Cameron was fooled by a hoaxster named Martin Eisenstadt. If you believe, as I do, that Fox News is the broadcast arm of the Republican Party, then you know the only source that Carl Cameron susses out is located at 310 First Street in Washington D.C. I do think a notorious hoaxster saw an opportunity to pull a fast one on the MSM by latching onto a national news story, taking credit for something he/she had nothing to do with.

I also think the Republican National Committee is terrified of Sarah Palin because they discern the fringe, wackadoodle wing of the party that loves her has lost its appeal with the American public.

Women did not like Palin, women voters are an influential block, and the RNC is trying to bury her. Fox News was only too happy to play along.