Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Oh, My

Courtesy of Yoss at DailyKos we have the low-down on another Republican sex scandal.

The 33-year-old national chair of the Young Republicans has resigned after just three weeks on the job; seems he is accused of sexually assaulting a colleague while he lay sleeping:
It seems that the newly elected leader of the Young Republican National Federation has been forced to step down amid allegations that he sexually assaulted another man after a Young Republicans party. Details are still emerging, but the accused man, Glenn Murphy, was a rising star in the Indiana GOP, and his resume includes the leadership of the Clark County Republicans -- a relationship that no longer exists -- and also a position within a consulting firm that has represented Republican politicians such as former Rep. Mike Sodrel.

The diary includes all of the lurid details, including links to police reports and the news that this is not his first offense. There’s also the text of Murphy’s resignation e-mail, in which he tells YRNFers that he is resigning for business reasons, a decision made after “prayer with his family.”

Awwww ....

Let's see, lies and a sex scandal, all before the age of 35. Sounds like his career in the GOP is off to a promising start.