Monday, August 27, 2007

“Crunchy Conservatives”??!!

No. Just no.

You took the flag. You took Christianity. You took family values. But by God you will NOT take the counterculture. You are NOT hippies.

Being a hippie is about a set of values. It’s about being anti-war, pro-peace, pro-liberation, anti-establishment. It’s about expanding your consciousness, embracing your neighbor, being open to the alternative--any alternative.

Being a hippie is not about eating organic vegetables or wearing Birkenstocks. This is so typical of conservatives, who always confuse the outward trappings--the costume if you will--with the ideology.

And you, Mr. National Review, anti-Islamic, fear-mongering, pro-Iraq War, homeschooling global warming apologist: you are just bourgeois. Learn the difference.

Don’t even try it, buddy. From my cold, dead hands.

(h/t, VolVoters)