Monday, August 25, 2008

You Say Messiah Like It’s A Bad Thing

The folks at Pandagon point us to NRO’s latest Obama-mocking. Apparently someone thinks the backdrop at the Pepsi Center looks too reminiscent of a church manger scene for this crowd, so of course Obama must be mocked for comparing himself to the Messiah.

We've heard this whole “Messiah” thing from trolls for the past month or so; it's the new talking point that the right is using. They seem to feel they can get traction with it, so expect to see a lot more "Messiah-bashing" as the campaign wears on. Jesse Taylor at Pandagon writes:
I guarantee you this is the histrionic attack that comes out of the convention - Obama’s step over the line from media Messianism to literal Messianism.  God help him if he’s seen anywhere near a loaf of bread. 

Indeed. That was the message that came out of Obama’s overseas trip: he’s too popular. It’s a little scary. People might follow him over a cliff, or something!

I'm trying hard to remember any president that didn't have a bigger Messiah complex than George W. Bush.

Nothing says "Savior" better than hawking car magnets that look like this:

Or printing pictures like this:

Or even THIS:

It never fails. When the right attacks, they do so using an image or label they've co-opted for themselves successfully, then twisting it into something ugly. This was as predictable as the 2004 attacks on John Kerry's war service.

The best way to counter such smears? Point your fingers at them and laugh, people. It's really all so childish.