Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Did An Election Ploy Fumble?

English First fails on a legal technicality ... for now:
In a letter to the Davidson Country [sic] Election Commission, the Metro director of law stated that the English Only charter amendment proposal cannot appear on the November ballot because of a legal technicality.

Metro Director of Law Sue Cain said in her letter that the English Only proposal would not clear the charter required two-year waiting period for charter amendment referendums.

Awww. So we have to wait until 2010 to vote on this? OMG! How will the GOP rally their true believers to the polls this November, with a dud like McCain on the ticket?

Never fear. As I alerted folks in this post, 2010 is the really big election year anyway, on account of the Census-required redistricting. Whoever is in power in 2010 will determine congressional districts for the next generation.

It’s always good for Republicans.