Sunday, August 31, 2008


Oh for God’s sake. It seems Cindy McCain got the latest talking point and claims Sarah Palin does too! have foreign policy experience, since Russia borders on Alaska.

We heard this same claim on Friday from Fox News. As I said last week, George W. Bush made the same ridiculous claim back in 2000 because Texas shares a border with Mexico.

That worked out so well for us.

(Yes, that’s a sarcarsm alert). And George W. Bush had six years as Texas’ governor; Palin has been Alaska’s governor for all of two.

Apparently the Kool-Aid drinkers have spent the weekend desperately trying to prop up this lightweight. They say Palin has “more executive experience than Obama and Biden combined.”


Yeah, and you can add McCain to that list, too. But two years as governor of Alaska ain’t much to crow about in the experience department. There’s just no way her tenure as mayor of the 6,700-population podunk town of Wasilla, Alaska, prepared her for the kinds of issues the nation at large faces. Cripes, even the podunk Kentucky town where my husband is from is bigger than that.

This entire argument is insulting. Someone needs to say it, and I guess it will be me. Do not even try to compare Sarah Palin's experience with Barack Obama's, or I will smack you down.

Barack Obama taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago for 12 years. He was an Illinois State Senator for eight years and a U.S. Senator for nearly three. He has degrees from Columbia and Harvard Law School. Palin has a communications degree from the University of Idaho?

Please. The attempt to elevate this novice to national politics before she’s been tried and tested isn’t just offensive, it’s dangerous.

It’s clear she was picked for her religion and her genitalia. As a woman, and a Christian, I find that offensives.

As an American, I’m horrified that the GOP doesn’t take these matters more seriously. Competence matters. Just ask “Brownie.”