Thursday, August 21, 2008

Being A POW Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry


Addressing these rumors, it's worth remembering that multi-millionaire Mitt Romney (who is not a POW), owns at least three houses:
Unlike the two of them, Romney has a privileged pedigree, having grown up in tony Bloomfield Hills, Mich., as the son of a former governor and chairman of American Motors. After leaving home, Romney attended Harvard law and business schools, and quickly earned millions of dollars as a venture capitalist. He has three homes, a colonial in Belmont, Mass., that has a tennis court, a lakeside house in Wolfeboro, N.H., with a boat house and stables, and a wood-beamed ski house in Deer Valley, Utah.

In the upside-down world of IOKIYAR, this will not be a problem for the Republican candidate. He will never, ever be portrayed as elitist, "country club," out of touch, or any of those things we know the self-starting community organizer from Chicago to be.



As I noted in this post, John McCain’s campaign is now trotting out his POW stint as a magic Band-Aid® to fix all sorts of verbal snafus.

Today’s fixer: his “memory lapse” over the number of homes he and Cindy own:

The McCain campaign is road-testing a new argument in responding to Obama's criticism of his number-of-houses gaffe, an approach the McCain camp has never tried before: The houses gaffe doesn't matter because ... he was a POW!

"This is a guy who lived in one house for five and a half years -- in prison," spokesman Brian Rogers told the Washington Post.
For those of you who haven't kept track, the McCain campaign just recently cited McCain's POW years in explaining away the Miss Buffalo Chip gaffe, and in dealing with the allegation that he broke the rules and listened in on Barack Obama during the Rick Warren forum.

I’m sorry John McCain was a POW, really. If I’d been allowed to vote back then, I wouldn’t have supported any politician who sent our troops to Vietnam. Too bad I was only six.

But it doesn’t give you a pass on pimping your wife for a wet T-shirt contest, and it doesn’t explain why you defaulted on your property taxes in La Jolla. And no, it doesn’t automatically qualify you for the White House, either.

Geez, he’s getting a bad as Mr. 9-11.

(h/t, Atrios)